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Mar 17, 2016

SHOM Raikan Wanita!!

Good day to everyone. Kindly remind our big day, SM/SSM  Recognition will be held on this Saturday, 19 March at IDCC, Shah Alam.

It's our (SHOM)  honored to handover 1000 roses to all beautiful women. This is the way we want to express our love and appreciation to all of our women entrepreneurs. At here, it's our pleasure to share you some beautiful quotes for you all to begin your day!

Hai-O, My choice for LIFE!!!



A gentle reminder from company. Our first award recognition for the year 2016 at new place!!!

Plus SHOM is giving away 1,000 roses for all the qualifiers!!!!!Mak is so excitedddddddddd!!

Thank You SHOM for the appreciation...

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