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Feb 5, 2015

Bangkok Best Tailor.

Demam Bangkok baru jer bermula. Kalau company tak bukak pakej nih, even tak berapa jauh pn dari Kuala Lumpur..memang susah la kita nak pergi betul tak?? Tapi alang alang dah company nak sponsored all in, 5star treatment lagi..haruslah aktiviti pertama adalah menGOOGLE apa yang menarik di Bangkok..kan kan kan??Barulah keterujaan tuh dapat disalurkan kepada yang lain juga!!

First thing first...nak tempah SUIT!!!!!

Why Bangkok???
Sila baca kat bawah ni ok.


Bangkok Best Tailors

Useful Tips

The best tailors in Bangkok are renowned for quality craftsmanship at affordable prices. Ranked high on most visitors' must-buy lists, tailor-made clothing is an excellent choice, especially when you can't seem to find a perfect fit in ready-to-wear shops. Bangkok’s best tailors are famed for their swift sewing and diligent service, with fans all over the world who come to Bangkok to have their clothes tailored to their exact specifications. Although choosing a good tailor can be a daunting task in a city where tailor shops are ubiquitous, with our growing list of the best bespoke tailors in Bangkok you can be sure to find skilled craftsmen who can deliver on quality, style and advice.

Here are some tips...

  • Don't fall for cheap packages or special deals advertised in glossy brochures advertising a suit, a pair of trousers and two shirts for, say, US$ 95. Chances are good you'll end up paying much more than what you wanted to and having to settle for inferior quality.
  • If you don't know where to go, your hotel should be able to give you a few pointers. Many of the bigger hotels also have a reliable, good quality service on the premises for tailor-made clothing.
  • To save time and energy, and if you have a specific design in mind, make sure you arrive at the tailor's equipped with something for them to copy.
  • Ask to see some examples of their work. Inspect the stitching, lining, quality of fabric used and general workmanship.
  • Unless you really don't have anything to wear or are pressed for time, the ready-in-24-hours option should be avoided. Bear in mind that proper tailoring does require time and patience to ensure desirable results.
  • Expect at least two to three fittings (the first to take your measurements, and one or two fitting sessions) to get your suit looking just the way you want it.

The best and most easily accessible places to find tailors are around the major hotels and business areas like Silom, Surawong and Sukhumvit Road (from Nana to Asoke). If the tailor you've chosen doesn't have the fabric you want, take a trip to Pahurat Textile Market to select your own. While you're there, don't forget to look out for Thai silk, which is great for making shirts, blouses, gowns and cocktail or evening dresses.


Sebelum sampai kemana-mana kedai tukang jahit tuh, make sure dah ada design dah yang kita nak..bawaklah printed copy so that diorang senang tailored seperti yang kita nak.

Nak tempah sepasang bukan short skirt la..tgklah nanti nak buat seluar ke kain ke apeke...dah lama teringin nak pakai sepasang camnih untuk pergi seminar!!

Pastuh nak tempah gak jaket camnih...alang alang dah pergi kan baik tempah berpasang pasang..hikssss..memang sangat affordable price at the best quality!!so why not???

Ni belum pergi lagi dah meroyan mcm nih..taktahulah dah sampai sana macamana nanti..harapnya dah insaf la time tuh tanak membeli kain bebanyak!!

Haaa kalau korang nak ikut kitorang travel FREE 2-3x setahun jangan segan segan contact PS okey...setiap tahun company dah sediakan tempat bercuti dah yang memang confirm menarik dan tempat menyopink taraf korang tak menang tangan dah..

Ai is tak sabarrrrrrrrr!!!

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