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Jun 11, 2013

Early Intervention Programme for Special Children

Just sharing this info regarding this beneficial talk for parents who have children with special needs. After almost 6months sending Emran here at WQ Park Rehab Centre, there is not just a rehab centre. Its more than love I can see, more than everything you have..and now I have to wipe my tears to finish this entry.

For many years, education for children with special needs has been a concern for many parents and caregivers. Although this concern is widely expressed, some parents are still unfamiliar with the process or unaware of the importance of early intervention and its benefits for children with special needs.

So this talk will focus on the importance of early intervention programmes conducted for children including some of the areas /needs addressed and on how parents can deal with other co-existing concerns such as medical, behavioral, developmental, learning, and mental health. And also discuss on issues and options of sending the child to kindergarten or school.

For parents who interested do contact Ms Kody or Ms Norien at 03-7804 4171/8171 ext 131 or email to for any enquiries.

Speaker Information
 Dr. Rajini is a consultant Develop-mental Paediatrican at Baby and Beyond Child Specialist Clinic and Sunway Medical Centre. She graduated from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK in 1993 and was trained in Paediat-rics in the subsequent year. Dr.Rajini obtained her Member-ship of the Royal College Physician in Paediatrics in 1996. She further specialized in the area of Neuro Disability / Developmental Paediatrics while simultaneously pursuing her Masters in Medical Science in Child Health.

Upon returning to Malaysia, Dr. Rajini joined University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) as a Lecturer in Paediatrics. She closely collaborated with a team of Developmental Paediatricians, Clinical Psychologist and other Allied Professionals to start one of Malaysia’s first Child Development Centres at UKM. Dr.Rajini later joined Sun Med and Baby and Beyond Child Specialist Clinic to continue working in a multidisciplinary team of professionals providing services to families and children with different needs both in the hospital as well as community setting.

Dr.Rajini has a particular interest in pre-school children with developmental disabilities. She has been on research and clinical teams which have looked at the effect of persistent pulmonary hypertension in neonates, complication in extremely / very low birth weight babies, the use of developmental screening tools in local setting and children with sensory impairment.

 mommy to special emran,

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