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Jun 18, 2013

Dynamic Entrepreneur Programme

Never to late to update this programme that was happen last month. Sorry for the delay as I overlook this programme with other thing.

For GLAMpreneurs this is just another success with more than 300 participants nationwide and also for myself because I manage to bring my partner Hafiza as well.

Programme was held in Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort.

This is the first time am attending this kind of programme. Never going any other biz related programme as am doing for this business.

This programme in association with HaiO Marketing and GLAM specifically designed for newbies in this business.


Programme was started at 9am and most participants are coming as early as 8am. It was a good practice whereby punctual is a MUST when you're dealing with people and time.

 Full house as early as 8.30am. Congrats everybody!

Before programme started we are so surprise and felt so honoured when CEO of HaiO Marketing Sdn Bhd, Mr Tan Kai Hee coming down to join us. FIRST TIME in the history.

Programme started with recital doa by DDM Zaer Ali and emcee of the day was CDM Sha Khalid.

Opening speech from General Manager HaiO Marketing Sdn Bhd, Mr Teoh Nee Siang. Always give his full support in order to give a clear picture in this industry especially for GLAMpreneur. He also stayed until programme finished!
 The 1st slot begin with topic Building the Business and speaker of the day was Mr. Winston Wong.

A bit background about Mr. Winston Wong:
  •  Mr. Wong serves as President of Puget Investments (Canada) Ltd., an investment holding company and Centre Manager of Laurentian Financial Services, Richmond BC.
  • Mr. Wong is a veteran banker with over 15 years' experience in small business financing in both Hong Kong and Canada.
  • Mr. Wong possesses a strong business background with a wealth of experience in diversified fields including real-estate development, retail distribution and international trade.
  • Mr. Wong Served as Director Of AM Gold Inc until June 08, 2010.
  • Mr. Wong has been an Independent Director of Uniserve Communications Corp. since December 6, 2005. He serves as a Director of Pyxis Capital Inc.
  • Mr. Wong served as a Director of AvCorp. Industries Inc. from 1995 to May 18, 2006.
  • Mr. Wong served as a Director of Graystone Corp. since February 2004.

This is not a motivational talk that you have to hear a whole day with bla bla bla yada yada yada..but it seems like irritating us with his talk...goshh he did it!

We had a break to have a lunch and Zohor before resume to 2nd and 3rd slot. Sorry NO piccas during break as we are so damn hungry..weeeee.

Afternoon slot begin with topic Succeeding the Business and Leading A Team and Mr Wong back in action delivering his best speech to us.

It almost 5pm when he gave the last speech and we really gained good insights in building and leading a successful business team.
and leave us with FULLY CHARGED!
Wrap up of the day is group photo!!yayy

 GLAMpreneurs rawk!

Oh NOOOO only can see my hand waving at the back!

And my face is also at the time have to sit infront!LOL

GLAMexpansion now expanding to the cities near YOU!

Grab this chance and be part of GLAMpreneur and treasure this beautiful journey together.


**credit to aiennlatifi and naakamaruddin for the piccas.thanks a bunch. 

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