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Mar 13, 2013

Follow Share and WIN!

Today is Day10 am using this BBplus collagen..never cross my mind before this to take anything that so called 'inner beauty inside out'..but aging process make me freaking worried..arghhh my pores enlarge day by day..small pimples is everywhere..uneven skin tone..dark circles..wrinkles ohhooo!!
This new product already launch somewhere in Sept last for me selalu nak tunggu review kawan-kawan then baru nak damn rugi coz they are who start earlier looking great with FLAWLESS skin!
So better late than never right..siapa yang kenal PS, will know that I never share/recommend something that I doubt or never used before..if dah terbukti berkesan then I will share with make it short, today is my Day10 of 30days challenge with BBplus collagen..I shared tru my instagram everyday for quick that everyone will noticed the different especially on my face!

My skin is oily-combination..which is oily in T-zone area..the worst problem is my pores is getting larger and start to clog with whitehead..if u close up u can see the wrinkles and pores is there..
click here for close up view on Day 2
Now you can see the different even only 10days..pores are getting smaller..
for next and quick updates, do follow my instagram k!
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Just follow this simple step..
1. Follow me on instagram
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3. Share your pics on instagram
* share your picture on instagram since Day 1 consuming BBplus until Day 20 without fail
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4. WIN BBplus (worth RM180)
 * those who get the MOST liked on your last picture (day20) will win BBplus for FREE!
So easy peeps..just follow and share your pics everyday as like you do!
Its open to anybody..
Only valid for those who started during this March!
Call me for details at 0163223094.
Also can be contacted via email at
Love lots,

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