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Jan 30, 2013

Puanseri Pergi Chanel Party!

This is the VERY 1st time PS attend party kott..sgt jakunnnss ok..
So for those yg unaware, this party actually privately organized by hanis sendiri to annouce the winner for #dearhanishaizi contest (somewhere in Sept last year)
It was a longgg wait nak tahu siapakah gerangan yang berjaya mencuri hati hanis..
So baca this entry sampai habis then u will know who is the lucky person!!
Sort of Hanis collection during Nona photoshoot
Honestly, dulu PS tak ambil tahu pun pasal high end brands nih semua..
Tak mampu kan, why bother!!
So since joining this biz, I know a LOT of new thingss..
n since then I start knowing MYSELF!!

Lepas je dapat invitation, gelabah betul..what to wearrrr??
Dresscode Chanel inspired...coco chanel..i dont even know..huh!
Nasib ada mr google that helps me find what is chanel inspired look alike..lucky me its black n white theme..

And girls is always a girl (even dah mak2 orang)..apalagi scene dlm toilet betulkan tudung la!!
We're not only doing this biz together..were sisters n girlfrenss...
we having so much fun..mingle around..camwhore..makan then camwhore again!!happeningg..
So layankan jek ye!

Then sampai masanya Hanis announce the winner..n started with best dress..

Participants semua sportingg..siap catwalk then who get a BIG applause will win!!

And the winner goes to this so cute petit girl (sorry i dont remember her name!)

The MOST awaited annoucement is WHO WILL WIN the chanel flap worth RM10k ++..

n the LUCKIEST person is.....

congratss syera!! (tak sia2 ahkak jd PA siap jemput kat kereta lagi!) hikk
U really deserve it!!
Hanis n Raz with all the winners all together!
hope Hanis will open another contest this year!!hikkk..
so everybody have a chance to win the CHANEL flap..
luv lots,
**credit to cikcida for the piccas!

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