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Jan 10, 2013

Making Life Choices

The greatest accomplishment began as a decision once made and often a difficult one.
How to start..sometimes i lost my words even my steps..
but i already promised to myself not easily giving up..

YUPPP its hard for me..i have to say goodbye to my job..
My Emran more precious than everything..he needs me more than others..

But I thank Allah for giving me a chance to raise my sons with my own..
2013 is totally a new beginning for me..
even its hard, but I keep on trying to be the best mom for them..

Alhamdulillah, even I lost my online PB biz going well..
Thanks cikcida for always being there for n downs..

May Almighty Allah make our journey filled with ease and peace.   

“Trust your instincts, and make judgements on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you.” 



  1. Setiap keputusan itu mesti ada hikmah yang baik...percaya pada Allah...beri perhatian pada yang lebih memerlukan..:)

  2. Allah sudah merencanakan yang terbaik untuk hambanya..mungkin ini yang terbaik untuk mahani. Semoga terus tabah dan sentiasa dirahmati Allah.