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Jul 4, 2012

Superbrand Product - Malaysia's Choice

Perasan tak yg korset Premium Beautiful adalah Superbrand products?? Kadang2 perkataan Superbrand ni di highlight. Apa bestnya Superbrand nih??Jadi mari sama2 kita kaji apa itu superbrand nih n mcmana nk dptknnya..

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What does Superbrands do?
Superbrands is the leading by-invitation only brand promotion platform. It is established in over 80 countries around the world. Brands that join the Superbrands programme can leverage on Superbrands logo, reference book, event, website, media & PR environment for their overall marketing programme.

What do you mean ‘by invitation only’? Who do you invite & how do you select the brands to participate the programme?
Since 2008, many Superbrands Asian markets have introduced Superbrands research, a consumer survey conducted by The Nielsen Company, as the key benchmark in inviting the brands to join the programme. The survey is transparent & independent. The results of the survey voice the local consumers’ perception about the brands.
Based on this consumer survey, Superbrands organisation invites the brands that appear in this survey to join Superbrands programme. For the brands that are not in the survey, brands can appeal to the Brand Panel for evaluation.

Brand Research
Superbrands works closely with The Nielsen Company to identify the best and most valued brands in Malaysia. The recent survey was conducted between February 18 and February 26, 2011.
The Superbrands research is conducted online and consists of a panel of 1,500 Malaysian consumers. The panel is weighted by age and gender to reflect the profile of Malaysia’s adult population.
Consumers are asked to identify their favourite brand in more than 100 different consumer product and service categories. All brand name responses are unprompted.
The research identifies more than 600 individual brand names chosen by Malaysia’s consumers as being their favourite and most valued brands. From this original list of brands, the strongest 500 brands are identified and these brands are eligible to participate in the Superbrands programme. However, the number of brands permitted to participate in Superbrands Malaysia in any one year is capped at 50 to 60 brands only.

How many years has Superbrands been in Malaysia?
Superbrands started the programme since year 2002. In 2010, this will be the 5th Superbrands programme in Malaysia.

Can any brand pay to become a Superbrand?
No. Participation in Superbrands is by invitation only and all brands need to qualify in order to be eligible to become Superbrands members.

Consumer's Perception Towards Superbrands
In the recent survey conducted by The Nielsen Company to investigate what Malaysia's consumer felt about Superbrands, respondents demonstrated even stronger positive perceptions towards Superbrands*.

  • High Awareness : 77% of consumers were aware of Superbrands (increased from 70%)
  • Good Reputation : 73% of consumers think that brands associated with Superbrands have a good reputation (increased from 60%)
  • Quality Products : 63% of consumers think that the brand must be a better quality brand compared to other brands in the same category. (new)
  • Consumer Confidence : Almost 60% of consumers feel more confident about buying the product/service associated with Superbrands. (increased from almost 50%)
  • Purchasing Power : 84% of consumers are much more likely or more likely to buy a Superbrand. (Increased from 80%)
  • Recommendation : 76% of consumers are much  more or more likely to recommend a Superbrand to friends and family. (increased from 74%)
  • Brand Trust : 60% of consumers think Superbrands are trustworthy brands. (increased from 51%)
  • Try New Products : 81% of consumers are more likely to try a new product if the brand is assocated with Superbrands. (new)
*Source: Superbrands Perception survey by The Nielsen Company Malaysia, February 2011. Survey was conducted between February 18 and February 26, 2011 and based on respondents who were aware of Superbrands. 


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