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Jun 25, 2012

GST vs Jumbo Maxi Flap

Fren of mine asking me to help her choose either to take Chanel GST or go for Jumbo Maxi Flap..

Huhh..dont know what consideration shud take..both are drooling my eyes!

1st thing we are thinking of how it looks with it suits well or semak je? So,crossed in my mind hanis haizi. Because I only know her passion collecting jumbo maxi flap. So here goes how she dress up with her jumbo!

Below pics with her GST. So catching my eyes. Love the blue color!!ngee. for this coming autumn 2012, ada 4 new color, navy blue, grey, orange & red!

Anybody have an idea,reviews or recommendation just drop a comment k. Help me to help her!!Luv to know from u peeps!

Credit to hanis haizi for the piccas!

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