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Jun 15, 2012

Group - what are things to be considered!

These are the factors that I feel are most important when selecting the right group:
  1. Commitment – No group will function for long if people are not willing to make a sustained commitment to the group. Commitment comes in two forms: the first type of commitment means showing up for every class/meeting without excuse, and second type of commitment is to the group process.
  2. Balanced Two-Way Sharing (Personal Touch Session) – The true benefit of a group is the brainstorming that happens when leader presents a goal, strategies and challenge, and the entire group gets involved with the discussion. The best leader are those who are willing to give help. Sometimes you will find members who either want to hog the limelight, or who never ask for help at all. Finding members who will participate in a full and balanced way goes a long way towards making a successful group.
  3. Follows the Guidelines (Leader) – Every group should have guidelines about the do's and dont's. Do what you should do not what you like to do. Remember, you are trying to create a spirit of harmony and trust with your group; guidelines help to set the boundaries and create a safe place for everyone.
  4. Get Involved - To get the most out of a group – make sure you’re an active participant. Don’t give up because you didn’t get business after going one or two times. You’ve got to invest time. That means going beyond just attending class/meetings – serve on committees, help organize events, anything you can do to spend time with members, and put your face in front of anyone. 
  5. Evaluate - Six months in, see how the group is working out for you – and don’t drop out if you haven’t gotten a new client yet. Networking takes time, especially if your business requires an investment from your customers – if you’re an attorney, financial advisor or contractor for example. Meeting someone for five minutes and trading business cards is not going to get you clients. You need to meet them again and again so they know you’re not a fly by night person and that you have a standing in the community. Do so graciously, and don’t be missing in action. If you go in with the attitude of what can I learn, what can I give, and how can I be a resource, business will definitely come back to you.
They're extraordinarily powerful, and the people find support, encouragement and solutions in them. By taking your time when putting together the membership, you'll have a successful and productive group for years to come.


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