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Jun 11, 2012

Beautiful Circles - A Nite of Appreciation

A very touching speech from Naa.
Congratulation Naa!!
CDM is yours which is the highest level in this biz with income 40K ++..
Within ONE YEAR time at 28 years old, U prove it U can do it..

Its U Naa - tonite is yours!
Proud to say that I am one of the Beautiful Circles under CDM Naa Kamaruddin because in ONE YEAR time she manage to compete to be one of the success group (under Hanis group) which is consist of: 
> 1CDM (herself), 1DDM (Syida - my leader), 7DSM
> Vietnam trip - 13 qualifiers (highest qualifiers under Hanis group/GLG)
> Guangzhou trip - 23 qualifiers (almost 1 bus)

Naa n Ashraf
Syida n Zul

Not to forget to convey a much of appreciation to Syida on ur DDM.
From a stranger we become a good friend.
 Thanks for ur hard work and determination to help us.
Thanks for always being there for us, ups n down.

Me n Syida (my beautiful leader)

So everybody out there,wanna be part of us??
Wanna be one of beautiful circle ladies??
Let me show u the way!
Nothing can stop us when we say we CAN!!


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