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May 26, 2012

The Summit BM beyond my expectation!!

At the 1st place konon nk stay kt pulau..lupa plak cuti skolah dh start n most of hotel kt bt feringgi fully booked.

So hubby decided utk stay kt Bukit Mertajam je sbb esok kenduri pn dkt BM.Me ok je mn2 pn asalkn tak mengerikan..hehe

Mak terkojut den masuk hotel..lets picture do the talking..worth staying la at the reasonable yet affordable price!!

Happy weekend everybody!

Main entrance and 2nd toilet

Bathroom and 2nd toilet (oppsss ade kaki sape tuh!)

Elman yang tak sabar nk berendam!

King size bed for 4 of us!

Spacious living hall.

Kitchen area.
For those who are looking hotel area Bukit Mertajam, highly recommended this hotel. Service mmg tiptop.


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