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May 11, 2012

Senggugut..menstrual pains...PMS...erkkkk!

What are menstrual pains?

For some women their monthly period is painful, problematic and in some cases disabling. They also experience discomfort feeling during their periods. For most, this does not interfere with their daily lives or requires any special attention. In some cases, the pain may be a symptom of endometriosis, which if untreated may impact on their fertility in later life.

"If period pains are more than an inconvenience, it's wise to consult your doctor or gynaecologist."

What causes menstrual pains?

The natural pains are caused by contractions in the musculature of the uterus. The contractions are caused by the release of the body's prostaglandins, which are hormones produced by the lining of the womb.
This produces an interrelated cycle of cramp like pain, bleeding and uterine contractions.

How to relieve menstrual pain in natural ways?

PB is the one of solution to relief menstrual pain in natural ways. Premium Beautiful help ease period pain, stabilizes menstrual cycle, irregular period flow, menstrual cramps and back pain. Same goes when you're in confinement and suffer with "rengat". Only by wearing Premium Beautiful then you can say goodbye to them!

Supplements such as vitamin B, calcium, and evening primrose oil are great to relief menstrual pain. Vitamin B is known for its mood-balancing properties, and taking it daily will prevent and control our moods. Calcium is also great at reducing bloating, depression, and food cravings, while evening primrose oil dramatically reduces breast tenderness, bloating, and hormonal breakouts!

Healthy diet is always important in our daily routine. You're what you eat right?? But during this RED flag, you need to be extra aware of what you eat. "Stay away from foods such as potato chips, sugar, and carbohydrates,"."Instead, include foods that are rich in magnesium, such as pineapple, beans, and tofu." Magnesium helps to reduce bloating, tender breasts, and weight gain. If you're still craving sweets, go for foods with natural sugar and salt. Try eating fresh berries with a little dark chocolate for a sugar fix. And chew on naturally sodium-rich vegetables such as roasted brussel sprouts, cabbage, or broccoli—the salt is released when they're baked!

Although exercise is the last choice you have to do (for me lah!!), but exercise can also relief body aches and pains. "Focus on stretching your abdominal muscles as it will reduce cramping". If you really motivate yourself to fit in a workout, walk every day for at least 30 minutes. The adrenaline you get from exercising will also help to improve your mood!

Having a good rest and sleep tight will also help you to control your mood. Dont mess your mood during your RED day, make yourself happy during the REST time of women! 


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