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May 18, 2012

Love being ME!

I am a FULLTIME engineer at the Oil n Gas private company.
Also PART TIME bussiness woman by choice.

I am a mother for two luvly heroes.
Also FULLY breastfeed mommy to my 3 months old son.

I dont have a maid also daily cleaner to help me.
 So sad that I also dont have a mother and mother in law to rely on.

I ONLY have ONE cool husband who always being by my side!!

I love challenges, only by then I can improve and upgrade myself to be a better person.

Utilised 24hours daily doing the same routine makes me feel boring.
I always feel like being left farrrr away behind others especially my closest fren.

So I decided to step out from my 'COMFORT' zone to experience new challenges.
Nothing cant be different if am not trying.

So here I am..doing Premium Beautiful business only through internet (online) via facebook n blog..
Its not that hard as I think. Am just follow the leader. She guide me from A-Z.
So I am not alone along the way with more friends around.

The BEST part is, I can enjoy my quality time with my family while my biz still ON for 24/7.
By fully utilized my 24/7, I managed to get  4 figure income within two weeks time..and am looking forward to get more and more.  
Paris n London is the best gift that I looking for.

So EVERYBODY out there, lets experience a new challenges..

"It is better to try and fail rather than failing without even trying."

Drop a message or inbox if you're DARE to be DIFFERENT!!


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