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Apr 30, 2012

3rd Anniversary Give Away

Thank you everybody for the overwhelming response on my facebook status last night!!

During my 3rd Anniversarry tomorrow (1st May), I love to give away all these cotton Vietnam for FREE with every purchase of 1set Premium Beautiful corset with special price from me. 

This special promotion only valid from today until 5th May 12 (Saturday).

 You can select ur own preference..!!

merah sayang
hitam menawan
pink gegurl
pepel cute
paisley gojes

Hurry!!!Its only 5pieces..and some colors is so HOTss..

Kpd sesiapa yg masih ragu2 untuk memakai kain cotton (nampak gemuk mungkin hehe), grab this chance to wear kain cotton tanpa rasa malu2!!

do contact me @


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