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Apr 20, 2011

Ada NUR di wajahnya!!

When the first time I met her, I'll never believe her age is only 26. That it was last 2 months (actually a week before my 30th birthday) when I asked my fren to bring Hanis in front of me. At that time her face kluar dlm Berita Harian. Thats a coincidence because I never taught she is glemer like artis lak when I decide to met her. After knowing her, then I know dia mmg glemer pn..heheh but still willing to see me even ME is no one. 
I believe susah payah n jerit perih dia dh terbayar by seeing org sekelilingnya bergembira dan menghargainya. Thats a life!! What we do right now semuanya adalah utk org yg kita sayang and our life. Along the way kita nak juga org lain gembira kerana menggembirakn org lain adalah penghargaan paling istimewa dlm hidup. 

Just call me if you want to met Hanis Haizi in person!!

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